Thursday, February 10, 2011

Ex Muslim Brotherhood Member Warns MSNBC of Sharia Law

Muslim Brotherhood and Sharia Law

Muslim Brotherhood Sharia Law A former member of the Muslim Brotherhood specifically warned Andrea Mitchell of MSNBC on January 9th, 2011 that the Muslim Brotherhood wants to impose Sharia law. The very next day Andrea Mitchell says that the Brotherhood is not a radical Muslim group. So it’s obvious she didn’t actually care what Ayaan Hirsi Ali had to say. Andrea Mitchell’s mind was made up and she was going to report the Muslim Brotherhood are not extremists. This backs up what I say about MSNBC being radically left wing.

Muslim Brotherhood wants Sharia Law around the world

Ayaan Hirsi Ali grew up a Muslim but eventually made her way to the Netherlands were she gradually learned a life beyond Islam through books from the western world. She has been able to escape a arranged marriage, threats on her life for a book and film she made critical of Muslim oppression. She now lives in the free land of America.

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